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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

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What It Is

What are cybersecurity consulting services?

Cybersecurity consulting management services are the combination of ongoing conversations with experts about the best way to protect your company’s network and data against cyberattacks and training for your employees to ensure their awareness of modern security best practices.

DOT Security specialists can help your staff learn to recognize scams and potential breaches, making them less likely to be an attacker’s entry point to your system. 90% of all data breaches are due to human error, but the odds of it happening to your company will decline drastically when your people know what to look out for.

You’ll have a dedicated vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) who provides impartial advice on the best strategy to protect your system. Their expertise, experience, and knowledge of your network will make them feel like an employee of your company, but with the resources and understanding that comes from a cybersecurity provider, giving you the best of both worlds for the length of your relationship with DOT Security.

About Us

Working at DOT Security

Protecting users from the wild west of the internet is a very new field. It's exciting, competitive, and constantly evolving. Cybersecurity jobs require strategy, technical understanding, and leadership ability to keep up.

Those qualities are exactly what the expanding team at DOT Security embodies every day. With expert-level understanding of the industry and a mindset of constant growth, DOT Security stays on the cutting edge of new developments to provide our clients with the most thorough, customizable possible cybersecurity.


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Without expertise in the field, how can you fully understand the nuances of cybersecurity, let alone figure out what you need to fortify your vulnerabilities?


It’s difficult to ensure that your environment isn’t full of holes without the insight that comes from expert analysis of an in-depth risk assessment.


Without training from cybersecurity consulting management services, your employees are far more likely to fall for a scam and let attackers into your system.


Frequently asked questions

What makes a good cybersecurity consultant?

A good cybersecurity consultant has an extensive understanding of security history, what is happening in the field today, and what trends suggest looking into the future. Plus, the best cybersecurity consulting management services include experts who know how to explain their insights to executives of all kinds.

What are the objectives of cybersecurity training?

The objectives of cybersecurity training are to 1) educate your employees, 2) keep them up to date on the latest updates in the field, 3) resist social engineering attacks, and 4) reduce your business’ overall cybersecurity risk. It’s not about DOT Security selling more cybersecurity consulting services. There is a substantial difference in the risks associated with a business that has a thorough training program and one that does not.

Why is cybersecurity training important?

Cybersecurity training is important because a knowledgeable workforce is your best defense against cyberattacks. The number of breaches due to human error is significant, and rising every year. But effective cybersecurity consulting and training can reduce a business’ risk by 70%.

How do I hire cybersecurity experts?

To hire cybersecurity experts in-house, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money and hire a sizable department because every company requires broad expertise to make sure they’re fully protected. That’s why DOT Security recommends cybersecurity consulting management services instead, so you get the same level of protection without having to hire experts yourself.

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