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Data Protection Services

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What It Is

What is secure data protection?

Secure data protection refers to a set of measures designed to fortify your most critical business information. Whether it’s details about your company or your clients, virtually every organization handles sensitive files—our data protection services secure this information through a multilayered stack of solutions.

With data loss prevention and email protection, our data security solutions make it harder for data to accidentally be leaked on your end and more difficult for malicious actors to get into it from outside.

There are several benefits of having data security services in place for sensitive assets, most predominantly regarding regulatory compliance, operational security, and, of course, peace of mind knowing your customers’ information is protected along with your own. Cybersecurity and data privacy go hand-in-hand, particularly when it comes to your business’ reputation, operational capacity, and safety, and it’s imperative for companies of all sizes to have secure data protection.

How It Works

DOT Security’s secure data protection offering includes...

  • A full suite of managed data security solutions
  • Email data protection services
  • Data loss prevention software


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Without data security solutions for your most critical information, you have few ways to limit what even a low-level hacker can find, and any breach can cause irrevocable damage.


Even if there aren’t any malicious actors present, it’s easier for accidental leaks to occur when you don’t have extra security layers and data loss prevention solutions in place.


Cybersecurity and data privacy are extremely important to consumers. If their information gets leaked due to your lack of data protection services, the loss of reputation can be impossible to recover from.


Frequently asked questions

What is data protection and security?

Data protection and security is the safeguarding of your most sensitive organizational information. It’s a specific, targeted layer of protection that helps you avoid major, irreparable damage if an attacker manages to get access to your system.

Why is data privacy important?

Data privacy is important because a successful ransomware attack is capable of putting your company out of business. If you don’t regulate how your information is stored and shared with top-notch data security services, you’re leaving yourself at risk.

What’s the difference in data privacy vs data security?

The difference in data privacy vs data security is in what is happening with your data vs how it’s happening. Data privacy defines how your data is gathered, used, and shared, and by whom. Data security solutions are the tools you use to keep that data safe from bad actors.

What are data protection and security best practices?

The most secure way of protecting data is having a great set of data protection services in place that govern who has access to your information, and what information can travel where. Beyond that, also be sure to identify sensitive data, and adjust who can see it based on its classification.

What makes data secure?

Data is made secure by making it harder to retrieve and share. This is done through increased access management and email protections that help prevent even authorized individuals from accidentally sharing something they shouldn’t.

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