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Backup and disaster recovery services

Managed BCDR that’s always ready to go, even if you never need it

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What It Is

What is backup & disaster recovery?

Backup and disaster recovery, also called business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), is a suite of solutions that allows your environment to be restored in the case of a total system failure. Whether it’s due to a cyberattack or natural disaster, by backing up your data in a secure location and creating a plan for disaster recovery, you ensure that your network can rebound quickly when faced with a data breach.

With DOT Security’s managed backup and disaster recovery services, your files are all protected, no matter where in your environment they live. Whether they’re on your computer, your website, or your productivity suites, everything your organization needs is backed up and ready to go.

DOT Security uses image-based backups, meaning operating systems are not affected as they are with file-based backups in other offerings. This means systems and devices can be restored exactly as they were without the need to reinstall software.

Of DOT Security’s services, BCDR is the one you hope you never have to use. But without it, you’ll be totally helpless if you get hit by an attack. With it, you can rest easy knowing you have some powerful insurance in place.

How It Works

DOT Security’s data backup & disaster recovery services include...

  • Corporate data backup
  • Website backup
  • Productivity suite backup


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Without access to managed backup and disaster recovery, you are forced to rely on clunky solutions like stacks of external hard drives and on-premise servers.


When you lose a file that isn’t backed up, all you can do is attempt to recreate it. Backup and disaster recovery services ensure that you never have to do that again.


If disaster strikes, you lose critical data, and you don’t have a BCDR plan, your company might find itself completely unable to carry on.


Frequently asked questions

What is business continuity and disaster recovery?

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is the plan a company has to continue to run smoothly in any kind of catastrophe, from a cyberattack to a natural disaster. It’s the larger umbrella that backup and disaster recovery falls under.

What do I need to know about business continuity vs disaster recovery?

Business continuity is the plan to keep your business operational throughout the entire course of an emergency. Disaster recovery is the work that’s done to return to full functionality after the fact.

Why is business continuity and disaster recovery important?

Business continuity and disaster recovery is important because ultimately, anything can and will happen to your business. Whether it’s handling the effects of a pandemic, continuing to operate through a natural disaster, or dealing with a cyberattack, having a great BCDR plan can be the difference between coming out on the other side or closing down for good.

What is a disaster recovery plan for a business?

A disaster recovery plan for a business will vary based on the size and location of the organization, along with how much they’re able or willing to prepare. The needs of an enterprise in Florida will be different from those of an SMB in California. That’s why DOT Security performs a risk assessment at the beginning of every client relationship, so we can help you create a personalized and effective backup and disaster recovery plan.

Is there a difference between backup and disaster recovery and business continuity and disaster recovery?

BCDR covers catastrophes of all kinds, while backup and disaster recovery is generally focused on your cybersecurity planning and protection.

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