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Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Checklist: How Covered is Your Business?

June 02, 2023

6 minutes

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Businesses are under constant assault from a huge variety of different cyberattacks that hit from every possible angle.

Threats are posed almost everywhere you do business, including emails, websites, Wi-Fi networks, text messages, downloads, and more. Is your cybersecurity posture strong enough to defend all these potential vulnerabilities? Find out with DOT Security’s cybersecurity checklist: How Covered is Your Business?

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What’s in the Cybersecurity Checklist?

If you’re wondering what protocols you might be missing, check out the cybersecurity checklist. It helps small businesses through enterprises learn more about the foundational keys to an effective security strategy and how you can begin implementing them as soon as possible.

Answer questions like:

  • What security policies do you need?
  • Are you protecting all devices connecting to your network?
  • How are you handling your data and files?
  • Are your employees prepared to identify and prevent threats?

Preview the Cybersecurity Checklist

See just a few points from the much larger checklist to get a taste of what your organization should be considering in a cybersecurity strategy.

An image of page 4 of the cybersecurity checklist on how covered your business is against threats

An image of page 5 of the cybersecurity checklist on how covered your business is against threats

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Download the checklist to learn more about:

  • The 6 additional types of protection you should have
  • Why you need all of these solutions working together
  • What you need to recover in case the worst happens
  • And much more!

Use the form to access your copy of DOT Security’s cybersecurity checklist now.

A Variety of Attack Vectors

Hackers are becoming increasingly creative in the ways they infiltrate organizations. You may have heard about classic phishing scams and DDoS attacks, but did you know a bad actor can also get into your network via your printer or by intentionally dropping a USB stick in the right place at the right time?

With an endlessly growing list of possible attack vectors, it becomes even more critical to have a thorough cybersecurity strategy composed of multiple layers. Human error can help a hacker bypass even the most advanced software, for instance, which is why both technology and employee training are crucial.

Plus, companies have a ton of openings that most small business owners haven’t considered as potential vulnerabilities. Anything that connects to the internet in any capacity needs to have protection. And if you have a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in place or even just allow staff to use the company Wi-Fi, your attack surface increases dramatically.

Can Your Current Cybersecurity Strategy Protect Your Entire Business?

To have a truly secured business, you must be able to cover all these attack vectors. The only way to do that is to have a good understanding of your business and its vulnerabilities, as well as having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy built by experts.

In this cybersecurity checklist, we’ll walk you through how to understand if your current systems are effective enough to cover all angles of your business. Find out if you have the solutions, protocols, and policies necessary to protect your entire organization from harm.

Download the checklist using the form above to find out how covered your business is against bad actors today.