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Cybersecurity Consulting

What is the Role of a vCISO in Cybersecurity?

April 21, 2022

8 minutes

vciso cybersecurity professional at computer

The world of cybersecurity is always changing, and organizations may have difficulty keeping up with the complexities.

For businesses who want to navigate these waters, having an experienced expert can be the difference between establishing a strong cybersecurity foundation and leaving your information vulnerable to hackers. This is where a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can help.

Read on to learn more about the role a vCISO plays in information security and why businesses should enlist their help when establishing or upgrading their digital defenses.

What is a vCISO?

A vCISO is a person who provides expertise and guidance to businesses by developing information security plans to help reduce risk.

They help build security strategies, manage implementation, establish security protocols and standards, and have a full understanding of an organization’s complete cybersecurity systems.

Some, but not all, of their duties include:

  • Information security planning and management
  • Organization-wide security structuring
  • Update and enhance cybersecurity strategies based on trends and data
  • Coordinate a full cybersecurity team
  • Know and utilize compliance knowledge
  • Perform vulnerability assessments

What Does a vCISO Do?

A vCISO’s role in a cybersecurity team is to always be thinking ahead and proactively strategizing for to adapt a business’ cybersecurity system to new threats and trends. They manage cybersecurity personnel like analysts, engineers, and developers, while maintaining constant contact with businesses to relay their thoughts on system status, trends in data, consultations on updates/enhancements, and more.

When working with a managed security services provider (MSSP) like DOT Security, a dedicated vCISO acts as a client’s point of contact for questions, feedback, and reporting.

Why It’s Important to Have an Assigned vCISO

Having a dedicated expert in cybersecurity is an invaluable asset to businesses looking to strengthen their cybersecurity standing with new tools, technologies, and strategies.

In such a complex, fast-changing industry like information security, it’s important to have someone to lean on who always knows the latest trends in cyberattacks and protections and provides benefits to businesses, like:

Consistent Access to Cybersecurity Leadership

Cybersecurity is uncharted territory for many organizations. Most don’t know what they need or where to start.

Having a vCISO as a part of your team means consistent and reliable access to cybersecurity leadership that helps businesses decide on strategies, protocols, objectives, projects, and more to help strengthen security systems.

Real-Time Expert Consultations

Adaptation is key for businesses to maintain cybersecurity that can continually thwart new and ever-evolving attacks from hackers.

A vCISO is adept at staying current on what hackers are doing and uses that knowledge to provide real-time feedback to businesses that can be used to update and enhance older systems to be able to meet new threats head on.

In Conclusion

A vCISO is the conductor of a strong cybersecurity machine. Their leadership, knowledge, and experience can lead an organization into a more secure future.

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