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Infographic: Explaining the Evolution of Cybersecurity Solutions and Threats

March 14, 2022

4 minutes

evolution of cybersecurity solutions and threats

Hackers are always looking for new ways to infiltrate your business. Is your business operating with the best and most-updated cybersecurity tools and strategies necessary to effectively combat the latest cyberthreats?

In this infographic, we'll show you the risks associated with not consistently updating your cybersecurity software, tools, strategies, and knowledge. Hackers are adapting to beat your security systems. Are you updating your systems to keep up?

Take a look at our infographic and learn more about the evolution of cyberthreats and how you can stay protected below!

how businesses can adapt to ever-evolving cyberthreats infographic

Explaining the Evolution of Cybersecurity Solutions and Threats

Too many companies think they can install a firewall one day and it’ll keep working effectively for years and years. Unfortunately, this leaves you open to attack because even if your previously installed security systems do prevent an attack, that just means hackers now know what you have and can use that information to adapt and beat it next time.

Read this blog and check out our infographic below to learn more about how hackers and bad actors evolve their attacks over time to beat old systems and more easily penetrate business networks.

How Hackers Adapt to Beat Your Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, hackers are very smart and even more persistent. Successfully fending off an attack doesn’t mean that you’re safe from that hacker. They’ll use the data they got from the failed attack to learn more about your system and adjust their attack methods.

Over 18 million websites are infected with malware each week, if you aren’t updating your own cybersecurity systems, hackers will be back with new strategies to infect your website, too.

AI in Cyberattacks

Though AI can be a key part of a strong cybersecurity solution, hackers have also developed ways to weaponize AI to break down your defenses. With AI, hackers become even more adaptable, and this technology can be used to learn your system, find your vulnerabilities, or completely hide attacks.

Another way hackers use AI is to mimic typical components of a system to not draw attention until it’s time to strike. Hackers can use malware equipped with AI to quickly learn things about a company’s network environment to identify when it will be most vulnerable—between updates or during scheduled maintenance, for example.

Why it’s Important to Update Cybersecurity Software and Strategies

Updating your cybersecurity software, protocols, and strategies often is one of the most effective ways to ensure your business is protected long-term. Outdated systems leave the door open for hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities

Updating software regularly provides many security benefits, including:

Better Threat Recognition

Better software responds more quickly to threats by identifying them faster, increasing the time you have to respond and lowering the potential damage they could cause.

More Advanced Technology

Obviously, new technology brings more advanced threat determent like AI, machine learning, firewalls, and other software that is more effective at stopping threats.

More User Friendly

Software updates typically come with more user-friendly functions to enhance user experience and functionality.

How Can an MSSP Help?

Staying on top of the latest trends, cutting-edge technology, and newest updates for cybersecurity software can be difficult because it moves very quickly. Hackers are always concocting new ways to infiltrate your business and without a dedicated team, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead.

Partnering with an experienced managed security services provider (MSSP) like DOT Security can help because our team of specialists is dedicated to understanding everything happening in the cybersecurity world and has all the experience and expertise needed to keep your business at the forefront.

With a suite of solutions that cover every corner of your system, we’re able to build a custom cybersecurity strategy that finds your weaknesses, secures them, and establishes a strong security posture for the future.

In Conclusion

Hackers are always looking for new ways to beat your cybersecurity systems. Luckily, with frequent updates and network monitoring, you can cover your vulnerabilities and keep them at bay with more modern security solutions.

Learn more about those modern security solutions and how to keep your organization safe on a practical level with our blog, The Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape and Your Business.