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Cybersecurity Consulting

5 Qualities of a Reliable Cybersecurity Company

August 22, 2022

7 minutes

A compass resting on a laptop | 5 Qualities of a Reliable Cybersecurity Company | DOT Security

A reliable cybersecurity company can help guide a business to find the best security solution that fits their needs. These needs include protecting their sensitive data, closing vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

With about 43% of all data breaches affecting small businesses, partnering with a cybersecurity provider can minimize the risk of breaches and downtime and increase the longevity of a business.

But what should organizations be looking for when searching for a cybersecurity service provider? Just like a home security system that would proactively and continuously protect your home, a reliable cybersecurity company should be:

1. Flexible

A helpful cybersecurity provider will create a program tailored to your business needs. A one-size-fits-all approach could not only drain your resources, it also might leave various security gaps depending on the size of your business and the number of your employees.

Consider partnering with a cybersecurity company that offers an extensive risk analysis of your network environment, your devices, and the policies you have in place.

A reliable cybersecurity company can help your staff adapt to new security programs and establish policies to help employees stay secure. Cybersecurity does not only cover the tech that protects your devices, but also policies that establish user and password management, and cyber hygiene habits that staff practice.

Federal and state data compliance laws also vary depending on the industry, location, and data a business handles. A robust cybersecurity service provider is able to handle any regulations your organization falls under.

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2. Experienced

Just like any other business that you would engage with, a cybersecurity company run by experts with years of professional experience under their belt is your best bet.

Since the rise in hacking and breaches caused by the pandemic and remote work, there has been a boom of cybersecurity service providers across the country. Although this gives company leaders more options to choose from, ensure that the provider you enlist has experienced subject experts.

Another challenge the cybersecurity industry faces is a talent gap, with many companies scrambling to hire qualified professionals as fast as possible. When you contact a provider, you can ask what kind of qualifications their employees hold, if they have certifications, and what kind of industries they have served.

For example, our cybersecurity experts at DOT Security have decades of cumulative professional experience. They are continuously learning from the latest cyber trends, and researching new hacker modalities so that they are equipped to handle new threats.

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3. Holistic

It is relatively easy to find an antivirus or VPN vendor to cover the most basic security needs. So why should you enlist the help of a cybersecurity company?

SMB cyber risk

Cybercriminals understand that their victims often have antimalware software installed. The benefit of a vetted cybersecurity partner is that their reach impacts the whole network environment. Bad actors will have minimal chances of breaching into your network when all layers are covered.

With a tech stack that has been tried and vetted by cybersecurity professionals and is being regularly updated, the chances of having a breach decrease even further. Look for a company that offers endpoint security, network monitoring, data protection and recovery options, among others.

Your business should look to decrease vulnerabilities as well as to be able to recover fast from a breach if one were to happen.


Additionally, a reliable cybersecurity company should be able to deliver a holistic solution to organizations. Look for a company that follows the people-process-tools framework, also known as the Golden Triangle.

At DOT this process is called People, Approach, and Technology. People means experts are always behind the scene monitoring your network security. Approach means a solution is tailored to a business while following national security standards. Technology of course, is a tool stack vetted by professionals.

Regardless of the cybersecurity provider you choose, the people-approach-tech framework is used across the industry.

A holistic program is better able to protect businesses from all angles.

4. Proactive

Cyber threats also increase daily. Even as manufacturers deploy device and software updates, hackers have networks that allow them to learn from each other, develop new malware, and establish new techniques to hack into businesses.

A proactive cybersecurity provider works to stay up to date with current threats, patterns in the cyber landscape, and news cases. Due to the changing nature of threats and hacking, cybersecurity professionals never stop their learning.

A company that offers it’s own SOC (Security Operations Center) rather than outsourcing talent will be better equipped to handle any issues or emergencies that arise in your network.

Cybersecurity providers who offer a thorough risk assessment, with 24/7 monitoring, and ongoing consultation can adapt better to evolving threats and a business’s changing needs. Consider partnering with a provider that is able to offer you ongoing protection and is able to scale on par with your business.

You can also benefit from a cybersecurity company that assigns a vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) to your company. A vCISO can proactively create a cybersecurity strategy for organization and plan for any changes as the landscape evolves.

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5. Transparent

Company leaders should expect to be involved in the risk assessment process. A reliable cybersecurity company will have its experts conduct an interview with the business stakeholders to understand if there is any specific goal that needs to be looked at.

If your business undergoes a risk assessment or a penetration test that finds vulnerabilities, you should also receive a report with all of the findings from your cybersecurity assessment.

Well-trained cybersecurity personnel will be able to give a thorough, detailed account of any network vulnerabilities they found and any suggestions to move forward.

This is paramount to the process since C-suite level stakeholders need to understand the gravity and importance of the planned cybersecurity program so that decisions are based on factual data.

Another aspect to consider is ongoing consultation. Since the cyber threat landscape changes daily, it’s helpful to businesses to partner with a cybersecurity company that can provide ongoing consultation and proactive monitoring.

Whenever new threats arise and when new laws and regulations are put into place, resourceful cybersecurity professionals and guide your business on the steps to take to stay compliant and secure.

Bottom Line

When searching for a cybersecurity provider, evaluate whether the one you will partner with made up for knowledgeable personnel with extensive professional experience.

A reliable cybersecurity company is flexible, experienced, holistic, proactive, and transparent. These five qualities mean your business will be protected with preventative measures as well as continuous monitoring.

Ensure that stakeholders can state goals and expectations as well as receive insights into your proposed cybersecurity plan.

To learn more the ever-changing cyber threat landscape and how DOT Security adapts to it while serving a variety of businesses and industries, watch this video about the DOT Security Story.